I post short stories, short short writings, essays, short opinion pieces, poetry, novel excerpts, even the occasional journal update here. As my professional and publishing portfolios grow, they will also be showcased.

I aim to post pieces every Friday. Not always a new piece, and not always a flawless piece; which is why some writings will be sneakily updated if I notice a typo or find a new way to strengthen the story. My date format is year/month/day, and that’s usually the best approximation of the first day I started working on the piece.

I love variety in my work, and many of the smaller pieces here are just having fun, exploring, or basically doing whatever I wanted to at the time. The writing that I’m particularly proud of can be found under the Favorites Tab, or in the Must See links.

In April of 2018, a piece of mine was published in the Seattle Erotic Art Festival’s Literary Anthology. If you’d like to read it, you can purchase the Anthology on Lulu or Amazon. Thank you for supporting erotic art!