Error, Life Space Not Found. (18.6.23)

This week has been incredibly long and tiring. Some awesome things have happened, as well as the simply exhausting things.

Primarily, I attended Olympic College’s 5th Annual Diversity Conference, this year as a presenter myself. It was a great experience, though incredibly nerve wracking and highlighting my incredible skill in procrastination. I promised attendees that I would post slides from my presentation. Yesterday.

So, in keeping with the rest of my current schedule, let’s aim for a nice little reflection and information post next week.

Consider this your teaser post. (I’m considering it hanging onto my weekly post promise to myself a little bit longer.)

Awesome things in the works: (Theoretically, anyway.)

Presentation Reflections,

A few more previously published pieces,

Some awesome short pieces,

and for me, actually working on my novel.


From somewhere under the pile of things, Happy Pride!

Warped and lengthened timelines are fine. We can always celebrate cool things.

Just Imagine. (18.6.8)

For all of you who have the breath to,


Just imagine. A world a little better. A future a little brighter.

Nevermind how to get there.

Nevermind all the ways it will never, ever work.


Just imagine for a moment.

We’re already there.

What are you doing?


What would you give to others, if didn’t have to worry for yourself.

Who would you treat like family?

What would you take a slow breath to understand if there were time?


Don’t tell me everything that has to be changed to get there.

Don’t tell me how the system should work.

Don’t try to find a way to get there.


Not all at once.

Not before we don’t know what should be there.


Tell me a little piece.

Tell me a feeling.

Tell me a wish.


Each seed we plant

Strengthens the earth for the next

We can watch them grow together.


Our space for dreams is limitless,

There’s no need to wait for good times,

We can lend our strength.


Everyone needs tending to.

I’ve been tired. Writing and keeping up is hard. I took some time outside today, in the wet rain air. I love the way writing and stories are being used to build up ideas for the world to work in better, equitable, and just ways. Look into Afrofuturism if you will, it’s wonderful to learn about and see the effects. I have not yet learned how to prepare the right level of exuberance for pride month. I’m so glad there are so many amazing people celebrating their lives and existence. We need to keep making sure there’s room to grow, to support and embrace everyone who’s yet to come out.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Pages Perfect. (10.8.10)

Yellowed page would


Under unkind hand


Yellowed page would

Come alive

Under right light


Soft hum

Of voices

Of three year computers


Gentle voice

Lull the page

Call the words alive

To thrive on gorgeous shelves


Careful muffled steps

Mark the reverent charm


Of Pages Perfect

The “Hidden” Realities. (14.1.29)

Author’s Note: This article was originally published in the Voices of Youth Advocates magazine for their “Notes From The Teen Underground” series in August of 2014. At the time of writing, I had turned seventeen. For this iteration, it has been lightly edited for typos and clarity.

Don’t hide the world from us.

When Buffy Summers of Buffy The Vampire Slayer is suddenly thrown into the position of caretaker to her younger sister when her mother dies, she adopts the same parenting techniques as her mother did – to protect the young innocent girl from the entire world. Watching this process was one of the most frustrating and painfully irritating plotlines of the entire show. It was such a relief, and a triumph, when Buffy suddenly came to the realization that she didn’t want to shelter her from the world– she wanted to show it to her. This moment is a fantastic one, because it’s so simple and definitely something more adults need to realize.

Too many parents, teachers, and adults think that children and teenagers need to be sheltered from the harsh realities of “Real Life”. But this is not the right way to bring about a well balanced adult who is capable and confident. Firstly, even if adults succeeded in sheltering their kids until their eighteenth birthdays, it would certainly be a rude and crushing awakening to find out all the things they haven’t been allowed to know yet. Second, it’s not possible to bring up an innocent child, especially if they participate in things like: Education, Literacy, Spoken Language, Social Interaction, Internet, and Television. No matter what parental controls you think you have. Third, if you try to bring up an innocent child, they learn about the “harsh realities” from the wrong sources. From the boy next door, from the bully in the school yard, from the sex ed teacher whose hands are tied, eyes are blindfolded, and mouth gagged by misguided parental paranoia along the lines of “if we don’t say it, it doesn’t exist.”

Frankly, this pisses me off. Shit, I’m not eighteen yet, I can’t say a swear word. I can’t know about sex, I can’t know about anything really. And yet, out of the teens I know, who are around my age, I am the relatively innocent one. The people I know have had sex, sometimes years ago. They’ve all tried various drugs, they all smoke pot, and several have dated way out of their age range. They go to parties and do seriously crazy shit. And I live in a relatively rural town with a pretty small town mentality. I can’t even imagine what goes on in a more urban, or city environments. So don’t think that the harsh realities are going to be a surprise for most teens. There is really no such thing as too graphic for teenagers. We should be exposed to the graphic and harsh in the right ways, by critical sources who can help us analyze and navigate our place in the harsh reality, and how to keep it from crushing us in the meantime.

The only thing you’re protecting after the age of twelve is really your naïve illusion that we are still completely naïve. Perhaps you’re also protecting the teachers from having to deal with the difficult, awkward subjects that are some the most important ones in our entire lives. That sounds like a great system. I project society will deteriorate, or revert back to Victorian times, in just a few generations. This mentality of insulation and silence has to shift, or we’re all doomed to more generations of sexist, emotionally illiterate, or hateful men; women a who have to be afraid of themselves, afraid of men, to survive; and thousands of gender diverse people who are pushed away from their truths.

Don’t hide the world from us. Show us the world. And let us help fix it.

Valuable Moments. (18.4.27)

Written during Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2018.


She stretched languidly and reveled in the sensations taking over her body.

More than the fading hitch of breath and pounding heart, she could feel a fine layer of sweat across her skin, the sheets sliding together, the muscles in her body relaxing in waves.

Her room is dark and cool. Quiet. The world sleeps beyond the walls. Convention says she should be sleeping too.

Except, this moment is better.

A day spent in anticipation. Remembering there will be a moment to relax and breathe, to indulge and caress.

Time taken intentionally, from sleep, from work, from thought.

Time to feel.

She moves each part of her body purposefully, stretching out stiff fingers, relaxing clenched thighs, uncurling toes.

She hums, low in her throat.

These moments, are valuable.

Her cocky confidence radiates into the darkness when she smiles.

Worth it.