Black Lives Matter. Happy Pride. (20.5.31)

I support the protesters making their anger, their grief, and their voices heard. Too many black lives have been lost to police violence and brutality, with too few consequences. White supremacy has been comfortable in this country for too long, insidious in every authority, police force, and level of government. I condemn every violent, unjust, racist action taken by officers before, during, and after these protests. Black lives are more valuable than any amount of property damaged.

I have no need for anyone who disagrees. The first Pride was a riot, started by trans women of color, Marcia P Johnson and Silvia Rivera. Happy fucking Pride.

I’ve donated to these organizations, and these are few of many. Support protesters every way you can.

Minnesota Freedom Fund:

Reclaim the Block:

Black Visions Collective:

Northwest Community Bail Fund:

Fuck cops, white supremacists, racists, and ICE.

Riots brought us every freedom and right we enjoy.

I will always strive to improve my writing and free it from racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, fatphobia, whorephobia, and ableism every moment I have. Hatred, bigotry, and discrimination will not be allowed here.

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