Confidence Talks and Art Appreciation at Seattle Erotica Art Festival. (18.5.4)

As part of my participation in the Seattle Erotica Art Festival this last week, I joined a poetry art tour called Wanderlust. Participating writers got to look at the gallery of visual art and write pieces responding to artworks they found inspiring.

Well Hooligan Lili, the artist for the work I chose, saw my writing and has featured my poem on her website!

I’m honored that my writing resonated so positively, and it’s amazing to see my work in awesome new places! I’m so happy we got to talk about art and inspiration.

To read my poem, and see Hooligan Lili’s fantastic artworks, visit Hooligan Designs!

Reflection Ambiguity of Windows. (18.4.6)

It could be a moon in the sky out the window. If it were small, and square.

It could be a window light in a building across the way. Though it’s late and oddly placed.

Reflections in windows, explain.


Bamboo lit from below looks as fancy rooftop party, illuminating the night with stillness.

Cities live out windows, illuminations and reflections come alive.

Barely needing imagination when shifting physics has in hand already.

Night Music. Part 2. (12.5.13)

In the Night





To Remember


The noise,

I don’t need more

But I am content


If it gets too loud inside

If their singing fighting dancing

I only have to spit some onto

Birth some onto

sheet of fresh wood to let a little steam away


I would die if they did

The points of light,

They watch

But they don’t judge


Other people believe

That they are judged

They must think only along certain lines

Bely what they think about the Judge


If it were true,

There would be no hell


And there is Hell

It mixes in the Night music

The fires that burns inside

That burns the throat

Blazes the fingers


I don’t say there isn’t belief

But if Belief found a back door to my mind

The noise would be killed

And so would I


In Night music I live


whether it plays or not I hear it


I am content with my mind

not so much with what others minds think of it,

But life is tangled



I lay back and see a streak in the sky

I see the points watching me

Maybe protecting

Maybe Condeming

If I go mad at their hands it wouldn’t be much diffferent from now

I see the light to all sides around me.

But I like it here

Content here

With my Night music

With my own caress if I do not find another’s

With my nights music

It is composed in my head,

and played on the wind and rain

in the rush of air and the gurgle of water


My Night music

I would share it with who I love

Until then, I have my own night music

A lover of sound


A lover of my composing

any faults are in my name

Who could live with perfect?


My Night Music.

Night Music. Part 1. (12.5.13)

The world cocoons around me

Night music sways in soft rhythm

The sky above is darkened, later than usual.


I see nothing that’s right in front of me

I only see light years away,

The places where only dreams float


Night music is what I live on.

I see it dance in the air around me


Silence stretches on.


Only I hear the music


They all stare as I dance,

Turning around and around

To a beat that only I can feel


The word to the songs wrap around me,

Murmuring assurances that one day the living begins

And the simply existing ends


The day when the music is more


Night music


I hear the rush of water

The boon of life.


I hear the oxygen rush as things pass,

The poison of the earth that nearly nothing can live without


I see the horizon lighten

I still see the darkest point of the sky

Directly above me


Telling me that it would be lighter anywhere but here


But I like it here

I love the dance of Night music


I can feel it’s hands around me





Trapped in this atmosphere

But happy here


Happy nowhere else

But in this hell

This kind of torture


Night music sees me as I am

I see it as no one else can


Somewhere someone believes without a doubt

I do not.


I only see the night music

It’s precious type of air

the way the black shadows take over

and the way they will always come when

Light is gone.


Somewhere there are those who sing with the Night music

I am content here

Without song



I lie back and breath in the Night Music

I can taste it on my tongue

And I can hear it echoing in my mind


I persuades me to dance,

To touch


Content without song

But incomplete without dance


Water and Air

Some could call life itself

It’s more complicated then that


It’s tangled






And Beautiful




Is harder to explain

Harder to find


Night music is all around me as I think

I dance





I see eyes watching me

There are enough people in my head

I don’t need any eyes watching me from where only dreams float


Yet there they stay

The noise in my head, from the people who I give birth

You don’t have to conceive to birth


Only dance in the Night music

Only if you must.


Sing if you must

But find the contentment


Entropy increases, no end

Your pain gives others a brief moment of pleasure

The balance of things


You pleasure is only an instant

Remember and it will last you a lifetime


I remember the magic

I hear the Night music in my mind

Whether it plays or



The rush of air propelled is above me

The singing never stops

Points of light in the distance,

Light years away,

Watch me,


The noise in my head never dies

I promise each life I give to paper

I will remember

The night music they gave me