Just Imagine. (18.6.8)

For all of you who have the breath to,


Just imagine. A world a little better. A future a little brighter.

Nevermind how to get there.

Nevermind all the ways it will never, ever work.


Just imagine for a moment.

We’re already there.

What are you doing?


What would you give to others, if didn’t have to worry for yourself.

Who would you treat like family?

What would you take a slow breath to understand if there were time?


Don’t tell me everything that has to be changed to get there.

Don’t tell me how the system should work.

Don’t try to find a way to get there.


Not all at once.

Not before we don’t know what should be there.


Tell me a little piece.

Tell me a feeling.

Tell me a wish.


Each seed we plant

Strengthens the earth for the next

We can watch them grow together.


Our space for dreams is limitless,

There’s no need to wait for good times,

We can lend our strength.


Everyone needs tending to.

I’ve been tired. Writing and keeping up is hard. I took some time outside today, in the wet rain air. I love the way writing and stories are being used to build up ideas for the world to work in better, equitable, and just ways. Look into Afrofuturism if you will, it’s wonderful to learn about and see the effects. I have not yet learned how to prepare the right level of exuberance for pride month. I’m so glad there are so many amazing people celebrating their lives and existence. We need to keep making sure there’s room to grow, to support and embrace everyone who’s yet to come out.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Valuable Moments. (18.4.27)

Written during Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2018.


She stretched languidly and reveled in the sensations taking over her body.

More than the fading hitch of breath and pounding heart, she could feel a fine layer of sweat across her skin, the sheets sliding together, the muscles in her body relaxing in waves.

Her room is dark and cool. Quiet. The world sleeps beyond the walls. Convention says she should be sleeping too.

Except, this moment is better.

A day spent in anticipation. Remembering there will be a moment to relax and breathe, to indulge and caress.

Time taken intentionally, from sleep, from work, from thought.

Time to feel.

She moves each part of her body purposefully, stretching out stiff fingers, relaxing clenched thighs, uncurling toes.

She hums, low in her throat.

These moments, are valuable.

Her cocky confidence radiates into the darkness when she smiles.

Worth it.

Confidence Talks and Art Appreciation at Seattle Erotica Art Festival. (18.5.4)

As part of my participation in the Seattle Erotica Art Festival this last week, I joined a poetry art tour called Wanderlust. Participating writers got to look at the gallery of visual art and write pieces responding to artworks they found inspiring.

Well Hooligan Lili, the artist for the work I chose, saw my writing and has featured my poem on her website!

I’m honored that my writing resonated so positively, and it’s amazing to see my work in awesome new places! I’m so happy we got to talk about art and inspiration.

To read my poem, and see Hooligan Lili’s fantastic artworks, visit Hooligan Designs!