This is Magic. (18.6.1)

Magic isn’t hard to find. It isn’t even hard to recognize, or harness.

It’s just, that most of us are so easily distracted from magic that when we see it, it’s out of our minds a second later.

These distractions are often called ‘explanations’ or ‘causes’ by those who particularly don’t want to see magic. Distractions are the most mundane objects that exist.

There are some devices that can highlight magic, but just the fact that the magic is being seen through a device, it is discounted. Slow motion cameras capture the magic that’s so fast it’s lost to us. The way everything moves in slow motion, the majesty of running wolves and shifting fur, exploding bubbles having a single point of origin, and ink droplets hitting water and twisting around themselves, it’s magic. Every instant of is being presented to you with perfect proof. Just blown off. Just how the world works.

It’s fine not to acknowledge it. But it’s there.

When you notice the rainbows and shifting shimmering colors at the edges of windows, puddles, and mists, it’s magic too. The places where the dimensions brush against each other is beautiful, shifting, and it feels like a gentle sunbeam brushing your skin, burning and soft at the same time. The bits of matter thickening the air feel like the mists of this world.

When there are lights dancing on the walls inside, there’s a rift there as well. It doesn’t matter that putting your hand in front of the dance lights can shift the rift.

Everything in the universes is connected, so why wouldn’t your hand moving have an effect? It doesn’t mean it’s not magic. It doesn’t mean the light is causing the colors, it just means the timing is spectacularly lined up. And that’s not really so great a feat, there are so many variables in a vast space, coincidences are easy.

There are so many distractions from magic, it’s dismissed as trick of the light, explained as confluences of different laws of physics, and masked with the mundane. It doesn’t take much to look past the distractions, if you want to.

Noticing a flower bud barely open, dew forming, or a bough of a tree shifting, is magic. Wind in the tree is the distraction. Dew is only humidity, not evidence of fairies. And flowers, they only grow is all.

The moment between noticing magic, and the distraction taking over, that’s the hard thing. Disconnecting distraction from observation is the moment where the power to harness the magic lies.

Learning to notice the disconnect, to highlight it instead of allowing it to carry on, is harnessing magic.

Magic is creating change. It’s shifting through the endless possibilities of worlds and times and combinations. Looking for the change that improves.

Magic is change, at any scale. Magic is taking the time to stare at the differences in the world through the mirror, instead of accepting them.

You are change that hasn’t happened yet. You are magic that you are too distracted to use.

Learn to notice the disconnect.

This is magic.

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