Love Notes. Love Notes Collection #4. (18.1.15)


You are amazing, that you stand on so many more legs than I.

The many beautiful ways you must see the world, eyes and angles we can never reach.

And yet we share the art of the spider, in dew drops strung on silken webs.



You are sky love, your eyes so bright and intelligent.

Your listened to our stories, as we told them, and you paint the night in your own voice.

You are soft and sweet, but you don’t need to give us your love for you to have value.



You feed us. You dance and you work.

You are laborers, and your labor benefits us much more than most realize.

You are bright and cheery, your song a comfort.

You usher more color and scent into our lives.


I love you. I want to share my world with you, even if I never see you, I still feel your presence.

Everyone should love you. If they cannot see the value you bring, it is all of our losses.

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