Wandering Things. Love Notes Collection #3. (18.1.15)

Wandering things, those which share the world.


You have not fallen in love with the world until you understand their beauty, accept their existence.


We live in their space, taking up their homes. Truly, what animal wants to live in a box painted flatly and straight? Surely, there are better places to catch their meals than in the corner of the all too angled space your have attempted to claim from the grand mathematics of nature.

Their last option left, scaring you in your controlled flood that they don’t understand.


We goggle at their bright eyes, shrouded in towels as they curl into their wounds. Depending on you now.

Now their value lies in terms of ‘I want one!’.

No. Your love would suffocate and twist their value, their life.


We should want them to live and flourish, whether or not you’ll ever get to see one again.

Don’t create the need for their dependence on you.


If in their wild, they are flying disease, remember then, we’re quite a biohazard ourselves.

Keep that thought to yourself.


Watch mountains melt like sugar cubes, watch glaciers form and dissipate between each of our keystrokes. This is understanding scale.

This place will survive, in a way, past everything.

But these changes are our ever quickening destruction.


Anyone one of these, and more, we need them to live.

As we pull on their threads, we have the strength to unravel them. At the peril of unraveling our own.

The largest creatures depend on the tiniest ones.

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