Roams Ocean (17.7.23)

She is fierce. A majestic sight.

Her thighs radiate strength with each step, the ocean giving way and acquiescing to her will, flowing around her power with small waves, foaming in protest. Wave spray slides down her bare thighs in rivulets, sparking in the sun.

She has marched through oceans to meet this new challenger. She has exuded and expanded her raw power. Her hair flew out behind her in dark curling bursts, catching on the wind that coiled and bent around her ever moving form.

Each challenger she met, each threat to her oceans, was defeated swiftly. The world shook with her steps, letting everything around her know she was a force to be reckoned with. The birds part when she neared, scattering around her. They become a living wreath about her being, as if she collects life and power and force around her.

She is wrapped round with toughened, rough vines and filmy twines of kelp. Growing around her, but not from her. She carries them as a weapon, as armor, as a traveling companion.

When she moves in the ocean, it swells around her. The creatures within swim around her, she is interesting, she is the focus of the world. She stirs the water when she moves. She startles the smaller prey, when her ankles cross the larger creatures’ feeding paths she doesn’t bat an eye or cry out. If she bleeds, her blood mixes with the water around her, and there is no outward sign above the water. She is a warrior and nothing slows her down.

Her challenges create the trenches and mountains below the sea when they fall.

The ocean swells around her, bows to her, and kicks up against her. When she wades deeply her buttocks were met with waves and foam. When she moves forward, the waves catch between her powerful thighs and glance upward, off her pubis, curling over back into the waves again.

As she meets her challengers the ocean roils and they fight. The seas and skies are upset by their anger, and all life flees for the moments of their fight. When her challenger stumbles, she reaches for him in the waves, water catching her elbows and breasts and pulls him above the water. He hovers there for a moment, and then she pushes him downwards. The water catches hard at the sudden impact, and then it flutters around the form as it thrashes at the waves that sneak over and around and through until everything is too heavy, too difficult to move. And a century might pass before that challenger is released from the sea to challenge again. The ocean calms, life returns.

She walks away, her hair flowing, arms, hands, and throat glistening with spattered seawater and storm. Her thighs swelling the water, catching the glancing waves, and shining in the low, golden, sunlight.

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