Sunset Fire. (16.1.19)

“The sunset is pretty, don’t you think?”
“It looks as if someone set fire to the sky tonight.” the older boy says.
I look up at this boy I’d never met. In my childish mind I could already see the sky burning. I could see a woman in white robes with auburn hair raising a candle above her head and setting fire to a star. “Is it really possible?” I ask the boy, my mind already flooding with images of burning sky.
He looks down at me as if he’d just realized I was there. “Of course not.” he seems to think it’s funny that someone can believe that it would be true. His surprise offends me. But then his smile changes and he leans down to my height. “Even if it can’t happen in this world, there is a world in everyone’s mind where anything is possible. People express these worlds through artwork. Do you want to learn how to make art?”
I’m nodding, even before I understand the words. Though truly understanding these words would take years.

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